Coremetrics 2010 Review

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In the web analytics industry, the features war is over. What consumers are looking at now is a solution that presents the mountains of data in a way that is actionable and easy to understand. You don’t want to waste time sifting through information that can’t be applied to your business. Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winning Coremetrics provides your data in an easy to use interface with a level of report customization that can be modified to meet the needs of any business in any industry.

The Coremetrics website offers tons of information and provides case studies for a variety of industries. If you want detailed information about the product don’t hesitate to contact a sales person and request a product demonstration.

Many Coremetrics customers are drawn not only to the award winning web analytics solution, but also because of the partnership between Coremetrics and their clients. This relationship doesn’t stop as soon as you buy the program; it continues to develop as your business does. With so many providers offering the same products, it is nice to see one that still focuses on customer service.

Every company will use this solution differently. Because of the wide range of tracking and reporting options available with Coremetrics it is necessary to contact them for a custom price quote that will be tailored to the specific needs of your company.

Standout Features

  • Continuous optimization platform
  • Rock solid web analytics
  • Best in class customer service


Coremetrics offers hundreds of features and tools that allow you to drastically improve the quality of data gathered from your website. We encourage you to visit the Coremetrics website, where you will find additional information and have the option to download white papers about many of these core features.

Industry Benchmarking allows you to compare data from your website with that of your competitors. This provides you with a quick overview of where you stand. Coremetrics Benchmark uses a variety of factors to determine industry benchmarks including among others: session traffic, transactions, onsite searches, and conversion rate ratios.

Something else that Coremetrics offers that the competition doesn’t is impression monitoring. In traditional advertising, an impression is when an advertisement is seen or heard. Similarly, if an advertisement shows up on a page you are viewing, it is counted as an impression. This information can be used to count how many times a visitor saw an ad before actually clicking on it.

If you are already using another solution you don’t have to worry about losing your data. Coremetrics allows you to import legacy data from companies like Ominture to be used in historical reports.

If a visitor to your website has disabled cookies or JavaScript, their visit will be tracked but they will show up as a unique visitor each time they enter your site. Very few visitors disable these tracking options so this does not generally cause a big problem with data collection.

In addition to providing campaign tracking and campaign ROI calculations, Coremetrics also offers a module called Coremetrics Search™ 7. This is a pay per click (PPC) campaign management tool that allows you to keep track of ads, keywords, and landing pages from one convenient console. Monitor campaigns on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN all at the same time and generate reports to show strengths and weaknesses between the different search engines easily. This tool even has an automated bid management feature to help optimize keyword performance.

The paid search optimization solution offered by Coremetrics is in its seventh generation, compared to the second generation solution offered by Omniture.

Traffic Stats

Depth of monitoring is elevated to a never before seen height with Coremetrics and LIVE Profiling (Lifetime Individual Visitor Experience). This tracks and stores information about your website visitors over an extended period of time and is not limited to only what they do on your website. If you send out an email to the person, it tracks their response, if they search and purchase a product from one of your affiliates, it tracks it.

Live Profiles allows you to keep track of your website visitors at a level no other service can provide to date. Coremetrics gathers information about every click by every visitor as they traverse the web.

Coremetrics offers mobile monitoring that includes gathering information about the devices, carriers, browsers, and even the connection type used on popular web enabled phones.


In addition to tracking popular keywords and phrases from search engines, Coremetrics tracks internal search information once the visitor is on your site. This allows you to discover what is most interesting to your visitors and tailor page content to reflect the actual wants and desires of your customers.

Report Stat Intervals

There are a nearly unlimited number of reports that can be generated in Coremetrics. Data can be presented in hourly, daily, weekly, quarterly, monthly, or yearly intervals. Lifetime data and custom date range reports are also available and easy to generate.

You can also generate segmentation reports based on any number of factors including technocratic metrics like which web browser visitors use, geographic information about where the visitor lives, and even demographic information about the persons age and income level.


Coremetrics tracks each and every event as visitors travel through the web. Monitor click-through, downloads, and Flash interactions. You can even setup alerts to inform you if a 404 error is occurring on a page. This solution can also track when visitors add a page to favorites or bookmarks, and when they subscribe to an RSS feed from your website.

Visitor Details

LIVE profile monitors and stores technical and geographic data for each visitor including web browser, operating system, screen resolution, country, state/region, and even what language the visitor speaks. In addition to this general data, LIVE profile can also keep track of the visitors frequent flyer status, hotel room rates or rental fees, data collected on polls, and offline data such as catalog purchases.

File Exporting

Coremetrics has made it extremely easy to download reports in whatever format you require. Quickly export to PDF, CSV, Excel, Word, HTML, or a handful of other formats. Additionally, Coremetrics allows users to export data to onsite FTP servers for storage or tracking purposes.


Stellar support! This single statement sums up the help/support offering from Coremetrics.

At no additional cost, Coremetrics provides clients with an account manager and a dedicated client executive. These two people are assigned to you when you sign up. It is their job to provide you with support, training, tips and tricks, etc. If you ever have a problem or question about the program, just pick up the phone and you will be connected with one of these two people. Realize that we are not talking about an office full of random people here; you will actually communicate any problem you have with the same person, every time. Their job is to get to know your business and help you through anything. Remember, this is FREE!

Coremetrics University is used to make sure end users are properly trained on applications and services offered by Coremetrics. Following the initial deployment of this solution, advanced training courses and webinars provide an additional resource of information.

To take support even further, Coremetrics offers an annual conference called Client Summit. The Summit is where top shelf clients get together and present case studies in a discussion style setting, which creates an open environment for Q&A. This is a great opportunity for clients to learn new and innovative ways to leverage Coremetrics in business.


With an industry leading product and award winning customer service, Coremetrics leads the way in web analytics and provides the best and most accurate data in a way that is easy to understand and translate. This powerful data can be applied to sales and marketing campaigns on the fly, rather than relying on data from last week to make decisions about today.

Coremetrics has combined versatility and simplicity to create what is undoubtedly the strongest web analytics and campaign monitoring service available on the market today.

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