Clicky Super Pro Review

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Clicky Super Pro is great for monitoring small to medium websites such as blogs or small business sites. It has an aesthetically pleasing appearance and offers an easy to use interface. One thing this web analytics solution can do that other similar products can’t is track Ajax and Flash events, as long as you embed a small piece of JavaScript into the code.

Clicky Super Pro is also available on the iPhone, which means you can monitor your site from anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Clicky offers other plans, including a free web analytics service that has fewer features but will track basic data if that is all you need. If you are looking for something a little more powerful, check out Clicky Enterprise. This monster service allows you to monitor up to 50 sites and 200,000 daily page views.


Clicky Super Pro can monitor up to 100,000 page views per day on 10 websites. The cost for this service is $19.99 per month, or $119.99 annually (you get 6 months free if you pay annually). This solution offers many of the features included in our comparison matrix including a customizable dashboard, mobile access, https compatible, works with disabled JavaScript, and more.

Clicky Super Pro is an HTML base analytics counter that can generate information about your website visitors in real-time.

One of the coolest features on Clicky Super Pro is the Twitter monitor. This package allows you to monitor 5 keywords on Twitter and breaks down Tweets into types; links, positive tone, questions, retweets, replies, and negative tone; keeps track of senders, recipients, and tags, and actually displays each tweet! The Twitter tool may be the one reason your company goes with Clicky Pro web analytics, and you still get all of the other cool features with this solution.

Clicky Pro can also monitor goals and campaigns in real time. You can choose to track when a visitor makes a purchase, fills out a form, subscribes to a feed, or whatever else your conversion goal is. When your visitor completes this task Clicky Pro will create a history of that visitor’s journey through your site. This allows you to see where they entered, what they clicked on, etc.

Traffic Stats

Clicky Super Pro tracks users based on IP address. Basic data including visitors, unique visitors, entry pages, time spent on site, and more are included with this package.

Spy is a special feature included with Clicky Super Pro that takes traffic monitoring to a new level. This tool allows you to monitor activity on your site live, at any moment. You can actually watch what is happening on your site.

A few things that are not available with this solution are page views per visitor, time spent on page, average visits per day, and visitor path. You may be able to calculate this data yourself based on other reports.


External referral data as well as search engine key words and phrases are gathered by Clicky Super Pro, but internal search information is not.

Report Stat Intervals

Besides a basic site summary, Clicky Super Pro can generate daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports, as well as reports covering a specific date range. Reports outlining lifetime statistics don’t appear to be available at this time.


The only events tracked by this program are clicks, downloads, Flash events, and Ajax events. There is not currently a way to track multimedia views or RSS feed subscriptions with Clicky.

Visitor Details

Just about everything you need to know about your visitors is tracked by Clicky Super Pro. Tech information such as browser info and operating system, as well as the IP address and geographic data is all collected and stored.

File Exporting

If you want to export a report you are limited to CSV, XML, and Excel formats.


Support is available via email, online FAQ/knowledge base, and user moderated forums. Our experience with emailing Sean at Clicky was very impressive. It took a mere 3 minutes to receive a response.


If you are looking for a web analytics solution that allows you to monitor sites that block JavaScript, or monitor social chatter on Twitter, Clicky Super Pro is certainly worth your time, though there are far less reporting options available with this service than with our top three contenders.

For the most comprehensive web analytics solution on the market, take a look at Coremetrics, Omniture, and WebTrends.

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Please Note: We did not actually install tracking code into our HTML pages from this service. Review is based on available information, demos and experiences with customer service.